Since five minutes after I turned 40, I have had plantar fasciitis, sciatica, back pain, tennis elbow, a partially torn calf muscle, and an assortment of other repetitive strain injuries. I am the classic weekend warrior who sits all week and then gets hurt when going full out. I went through a lot of traditional physical therapy for all of these issues without great success.

When my partner broke her back in a tennis accident, a surgeon at her club recommended one specific physical therapist... Herb Silver. This guy is a physical therapist who is more like a combination orthopedist, chiropractor and MIRACLE WORKER! Prior to seeing Herb, my partner wasn't responding to any treatments and was about to quit her physically demanding career - (huge crisis!). Herb took over my her medical treatment and fixed her. He also fixed my issues which were not responding to traditional physical therapy.

He is amazing - bottom line. Most injuries start with the spine (even my plantar fasciitis), but he is not a chiropractor in that sense. He just has a really good understanding of the entire physio-skeletal system and how muscle get "impinged" and start freezing up. The other muscles start overworking and then pain gets referred down the system elsewhere.

For example, my tennis elbow just got really bad due to a bunch of work I did during a work furlough. I kept getting massages, but it wasn't responding like it usually does. Herb saw me, did an evaluation, and linked it to my lower trapezius (which he fixed). One visit is worth its weight in gold!

-Marie M.

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